There are two powerful deities Dusa(The God of the spirit world) and Gaia(The Goddess of the physical world).  Dusa's  creation is forced to worship him without free will, while Gaia gives her creation the will to do as they see fit.  Gaia rarely intervenes with her creation.  In an attempt to over take her creation, Dusa creates artifacts in the form of clothing and jewerly that send visions and powers of the spirit world to the wearer.  He hides them in locations commonly visited by treasure hunters.  After many generations, as each treasure is found,  the wearers become prophets and start a Dusa following, giving him some power in Sphaera.  Through these artifacts, the prophets write the messages given to them in a book called The Great Book of Dasu.

 After realizing she had been tricked, Gaia makes a deal with Dusa.  If mankind chooses to worship him, she will leave forever and grant him the physical world.  However, if mankind rejects him, he must leave and give both worlds their freedom.  To battle the prophets,  Gaia creates 7 demi-gods called The Scholars(Isaac, Edward, Otto, Sigmund, Wilhelm, Alexander, and Kai).  They are given great knowledge about the universe and teach all those who freely come to them.  When war finally breaks out between the believers and non-believers, Sphaera naturally segregates into two sides.  West of the Gongus mountains becomes a haven for the believers.  To the south, the Island of Xanthe is taken for the non-believers.  Some areas in between where beliefs have not been radicalized, believers and non-believers live together.  Eventually, conflicts in Titania(The largest city of Sphaera) lead to a great battle.  The civilians evacuate and head to their respective havens.  Fearing the each other side will control of Titania, they burn the city to ashes.  Among the believers were two good friends, Nabu and Alvaro.   However, Nabu was not a real believer.  Afraid of persecution, he never admits to it.  During the evacuation he sneaks away to the Island of Xanthe.  Alvaro was the first son of two great prophets.  Esther, the wearer of the necklace, and Godric, the wearer of the crown.  Both were once treasure hunters and fell in love after sharing a great love for Dasu.  Alvaro was thought to be the chosen one, the savior of Sphaera because he fullfilled the prophecies in The Great Book of Dasu.  When Alvaro turns 16, he joins the army of Dasu.  Through five years of war he quickly ascends the ranks to become the head of a skilled  seven man assassin division called Hydra.    During those five years, Nabu(also 16), travels to each of the The Scholars and studies as much as he can.  Returning home, he arrives to his coastal home on Xanthe, only to see it in ruins.  With no trace of his foster parents or anyone else, he vows to get revenge on the believers.   The game begins here.

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